RequirementsHQ provides research and tools for IT professionals and business analysts engaged in the evaluation of technology solutions to meet their business objectives.

As a division of SelectHub, RequirementsHQ offers analyst-vetted requirements templates, proprietary tools and flexible, high-value selection services.

RequirementsHQ leverages SelectHub's technology selection management (TSM) platform to provide criteria for requirements documents and templates.

The requirements documents and templates offered contain the most prevalent selection criteria curated from analyst reports and third-party authorities and consolidated with high-priority requirements generated via SelectHub's own user community. Where possible, certain functionality is cross-verified via vendor briefings and online demos.

Selection Services

Selection services offered by RequirementsHub are conducted by SelectHub specialists with a promise to save time, money, eliminate risk, and reduce software acquisition costs for our clients.

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RequirementsHQ has offices in Montreal (Canada), Denver CO, and Austin TX. Call our central number for free software selection assistance: 855-850-3850

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